More Owls not just a bird

Best of owls in 1 minute

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Large sized insects.

The spectacular Goliath beetleFor more photos from the world of insects follow ➽ Entomologando

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They are so cute.

Christmas eating season has started

When you give up on fitness and fully embrace Christmas early

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Deilephila porcellus: MOTH Copyright: David Breiter

Deilephila porcellus

Deilephila porcellus Copyright: David Breiter

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Danaus Gillippus

Danaus gilippus

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Golden Pheasant Birds: Not your average every day pigeons.

Chrysolophus pictus – Il faggiano dorato

Chrysolophus pictus – è un galliforme della famiglia dei Fasianidi. Questa specie è strettamente imparentata con il fagiano di Lady Amherst e le popolazioni introdotte in Inghilterra si sono incrociate tra loro.Copyright: Iain Simmons

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